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Hi Me,

Writing seems to be a healthy avenue for me and after doing so, I seem to have one little triumph whether it be: more understanding, a problem solved, or just some found peace. For years friends have encouraged me to begin a blog or write a book so You can learn from me as I do my research and apply it. 

I've had a long history of chronic pain, which quickly deemed it's shadow: anxiety and depression.  It doesn't really matter which egg hatched first or how strongly genetics played it's role. I used to chase that topic, thinking it would help me discover some huge clue, but I have come to realize the importance is found in accepting what troubles me, so I can chase what will help me. 

The word overcome has seemed to deem its place in my mind and heart and no matter the amount of years I swim with the ebb and flow of my journey, I seem to never loose hope that I will overcome what challenges me. 

Aren't we what we need to overcome?  My habits, my personality, my body and mind, my character, my interests and drives.... I find everything that make me, me, is my biggest advocate and also my biggest weakness.  And with that, I am driven to understand how to use what I excel in to bring me to overcoming what I do not. 

So I present to you, my blog: OVERCOME YOU

I love many faucets of life: cultures, professions, leaders, perspectives, etc.. because each hold tools that show me snippets of overcoming.  And by taking each bit and making a habit of them, slowly my life patterns change and I am able to check "that one" off the list and move onto the next item to overcome. 

As I write, I will address whatever topic I'd like to write about for that day, whether it be Me (in general), My Body, My Pain, My Anxiety, My Depression, ect.  and then end the writing by saying, "Thank you": therapy, Gandhi, Mindfulness, etc.- whatever is addressed in the post that has helped me find my mini triumph.

Even though this blog is for me to keep account of what I am learning, I also hope to connect to many of you, helping me to realize that I am not alone in my world of chronic pain and anxiety and depression.  I come in and out of these worlds of mine, as many of us do.  Together, we can support each other and share how to overcome our worlds. 

So today, I will end with saying,

Thank you,

To: You


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