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And welcome to Overcome You.  

My name is Michelle.  I am a Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist who has found a deep passion in helping myself and others to learn how to choose their own happiness.  My mother used to always say, "no one can MAKE you mad."  This didn't make since to me, as I had very few coping skills as a child. (well, unhealthy ones- perfectionism, anxiety, working out too much, shoving my emotion down, ect.).  As I grew up and learned about my own (unpleasant) emotions, I realized she had a lot of wisdom and practice that I wanted to learn and live too.  

Through years of chronic pain, many emotions came that I did not know how to deal with and I wanted to know more of how people like my mom could stay grounded, positive, patient, and selfless- even though I knew their lives were not free of trial.  

SO- it lead me to a search to overcoming (me).  Really, environmental factors (or outside forces we can not control) are never the problem, it is how we respond and deal with their aftermath.  

WHAT- you mean my screaming kid is not to blame?  Or my nasty headache that has lasted a month? Or the rude friend?  Or that terrible drive home?  

We all know this (well, ....), but, what do we do about it?  Shoving our emotions and not processing through them will only leave us to having to deal with them later, but, yelling or screaming (inappropriately :)) is not recommended either.   

Which, leads us to lots of areas where we can OVERCOME (you). yes, or me.

My journal is one of my best friends and I love analytical thinking, but, my life is not filled with much time for this and I am busy raising 3 children; a house to keep; my rock, oh, I mean my husband to say hello to; my faith; meeting with clients as a Recreational Therapist; and meeting with individuals as a Health and Wellness Coach for Usana.  With such a list, many posts will be filled with organizational tips (oh, did I mention that's my middle name?); baby and kid help (I'm a.k.a "the baby whisper" or at least told by my friends); recipes, ect. and ect. and then, when I get to that quiet calm moment, some posts about the deeper thoughts to keep us thinking.  Because, really, all of those things help me overcoming the little moments.  

I have dove into a sea with many therapists, professionals, doctors, research, a BS in Rec Therapy and good ole trial and error and I am here to share my wealth of knowledge and what keeps me (now all grown up and happy to say): grounded; efficient at home; capable of helping others; in the moment with my children; and a darn good happy marriage.  And not too mention- real with myself, able to deal with what life throws my way, and content. 

Come along with me on my journey as I overcome me and hopefully you too!

- Michelle.  C.T.R.S.


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Many friends have asked me to post on my tips to get a baby to sleep.  I have followed the same guidelines for all my babies and they begin sleeping 12 hours a night at around 12 weeks old.  That's right, a solid 12 hours without waking me up!  I will post as if I just had my baby yesterday.  I always tell moms if they are having sleep problems to revert back to the very basics, as if they just brought their baby back home, no matter the age. And follow these steps to make sure they are being met.  Many times this corrects the problem.

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We still have that ability.  Children have a wonderful way about them keeping harmony within themselves.  Not only are they playing, but wonderful physiological changes occur within their body as they are lost conquering pirates or being the finest of princesses.

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